Emerging Equatorial Guinea
Emerging Equatorial Guinea

In February 2014, an unprecedented will take place in to enable international investors, in particular mid-market players, to discover extensive investment opportunities in the country.


Meet an international emerging player on its way to economic diversification!
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, February 3-4 2014

In February 2014, an unprecedented symposium will take place in Equatorial Guinea to enable international investors, in particular mid-market players, to discover extensive investment opportunities in the country.

During two days, Emerging Equatorial Guinea, the Symposium on Economic Diversification will gather private sector executives, financiers, industry experts, as well as global economic development institutional representatives, government experts together in Malabo to discuss concrete investment and economic development possibilities in the 5 strategic sectors defined by the Equatorial Guinean Strategic Plan for Industrialization (PEGI 2020), namely: agriculture and ranching, fisheries, petrochemicals and mining, tourism and financial markets.

The symposium’s key ambition is indeed to foster today’ Equatoguinean Government critical priority: the country’s economic diversification beyond the oil and gas sector, through an efficient investment and development program.

Organized by the government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, will present the international business community with opportunities in the 5 Strategic sectors that include: Agriculture/Animal Ranching; Fisheries; Petrochemicals & Mining; Tourism and Financial Services.

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To ensure relevant discussions, the program is structured around the 4 key phases of the investment process (Vision, Context, Strategy and Implementation) and will include: an official presentation of the overall national strategy to develop a sustainable industrial policy and the country’s economic perspectives, best practices and experience sharing sessions, interactive discussion groups with one dedicated session for each of the 5 strategic sectors to defining tangible opportunities, prospects and solutions in each of the strategic sectors.

The Forum will be concluded with the signing of concrete Memorandums of Understanding between global companies and local counterparties.
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About the EEG forum

Located in Malabo, February 3-4 2014, the forum will convene representatives of business and investment groups from the national, regional and international communities. This aims at offering the most valuable opportunity for international investors to learn about Equatorial Guinea’s potential and strategize directly with government officials.

Event web site: http://www.emergingeg.com/en/home

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