“OPEC Will Help Stabilize the Oil Market even with Coronavirus concerns”, NJ Ayuk Says During Discussion with Deutsche Welle

NJ Ayuk, CEO de Centurion Law Group
NJ Ayuk, CEO de Centurion Law Group

As oil prices sank about 14 percent last week alone and the hit a twelve-month low on the back of the outbreak, the Organization of Exporting Countries (OPEC) is meeting in Vienna this week to help stabilize the market. Centurion Law Group CEO and Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, Nj Ayuk, was on Deutsche Welle to discuss the coronavirus’ impact on oil prices and ’s upcoming moves to stabilize global energy markets.

“A bold and
substantial production cut by and OPEC+ member countries will help
alleviate oil market fears and bring stability,” declared NJ Ayuk on Deutsche
Welle. “ has a track record of making market-driven deals that stand to
benefits Wall Street and Main Street. At the Energy Chamber, we remain bullish
about a good deal for oil producers and consumers, and most importantly market
stability. will be closely watching what happens in Vienna this week,
especially after its first cases were declared in and Nigeria.” Added

The near-term outlook for global financial and energy markets remains grim, and the forecast for the remaining of the year is deteriorating and is not looking any better. Analysts notably point to the crude oil’s forward curve flattening in recent days, signaling oil traders’ lack of appetite for holding or selling stocks. At the end of the week, process were trading at slightly over $50 per barrel.

Nj Ayuk’s full interview can be accesses on YouTube.


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