African Development Bank and South Sudan Recruit Pan-African Centurion Law Group to Strengthen Capacity in the Oil & Gas Sector

Juba, 31 July 2019: Following an open tender and a highly competitive international bidding process, the Bank through its African Legal Support Facility (“ALSF”) and the National Petroleum and Commission, representing the government of the Republic of South Sudan, selected the to build capacity in the Republic of South Sudan’s oil and gas sector.

The project is a result of the ALSF’s commitment to foster legal and technical best practices and transparency across South Sudan’s oil & gas value chain. It will focus on providing specialized capacity building training to officials from the National Petroleum and Gas Commission, including the development of best practice procedures for the negotiation, evaluation and monitoring of contracts in the oil and gas sector. 

As South Sudan continues to increase oil production – its most important export commodity – and attract foreign investment into its oil & gas sector, this project will enhance the National Petroleum and Gas Commission’s ability to fully exercise its functions as a regulator and a facilitator in the oil sector. 

As per the South Sudan Petroleum Act of 2012, the National Petroleum and Gas Commission notably provides general policy direction with respect to petroleum resources, acts as a supervisory body in matters relating to petroleum resource management, approves all petroleum agreements on behalf of the Government and ensures that they are consistent with the Act. 

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“The National Petroleum and Gas Commission is a key institutional pillar of South Sudan’s oil & gas sector,” declared Hon. Caesar Oliha Marko, Chairperson of the Commission. “We are delighted to be working with a reputable firm like Centurion to enable our country’s oil industry to meet its obligation to our citizens and investors. Building capacity is key to us ensuring that we deliver on the promise of making oil work for everyone in South Sudan”. 

The project will notably focus on reviewing South Sudan’s existing legal and framework, and ensure the transfer of skills and know-how to the government’s representatives and experts. 

“It is a real honor to have been selected for this project with the Petroleum Commission,” declared , CEO of the Centurion Law Group. “Local content development and domestic capacity building is at the core of everything we do as a firm. We take this project as a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of South Sudan and ’s oil industry in general. We are grateful to the and the Republic of South Sudan for entrusting us with this responsibility.” 

“As a team, we truly believe in the role the National Petroleum and Gas Commission has in shaping the future of South Sudan’s oil & gas sector,” said Glenda Irvine-Smith Centurion’s Director of Business Development & International Relations, who will coordinate the project on behalf of Centurion. “South Sudan is East Africa’s most mature petroleum province with the potential to double its current output of over 150,000 b/d in the next five years. Through CenturionPlus, our lawyers and experts on demand platform, we will mobilize the best African and international experts for the benefit of South Sudan. We are honored to have been entrusted by the Commission and the African Development Bank to accompany South Sudan in this journey.” 

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About Centurion

Centurion is a leading pan-African legal and advisory group with extensive experience in the oil and gas sector. The group provides outsourced legal representation and covers a full suite of practice areas for its clients, including arbitration and commercial litigation, corporate law, tax and anti-corruption advisory and contract negotiation. Centurion specializes in assisting clients that are starting or growing a business in Africa with offices and Affiliates in Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, , South Africa, South Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, and Senegal. 

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