Equatorial Guinea’s local services companies continue to attract best international partnerships


Johannesburg, September 16th, 2019: As Equatorial Guinea prepares to host the Oil & Gas Meeting Day in on October 1st and 2nd, 2019, one of the country’s local services company has signed an international partnership with a $440m services conglomerate.

Apex Industries, an indigenous service company providing services in the oil & gas industry in Equatorial Guinea, has signed a deal with the Duscaff Organization, a joint international scaffolding supply company headquartered in Dubai.

“Apex is determined to work with the oil sector and build alliances with international companies to add value to Equatorial Guinea’s economy. This partnership allows us to gain the know-how from a reputable industry leader like Duscaff and work with them to create jobs for our people,” said Apex CEO Leoncio Amada Nze

Under the agreement, Apex Industries will partner with the Duscaff Organization for the supply of scaffolding products that comply with the best oil and gas industry and global norms and can support several ongoing and future construction and industrial projects in Equatorial Guinea and the region.

“The Africa Energy Chamber welcomes such agreements. This is tangible evidence that African services companies can attract the best international agreements, when they position themselves as strong and credible local partners in their market. This contributes to building local capacity and to the growth of the industry. We want to see African companies making money and profiting from oil and gas in Africa,” declared , Executive Chair of the and CEO of Centurion Law Group. In order to strengthen cooperation amongst African and international services companies, and encourage the development of a strong African content, Malabo will be hosting the Oil & Gas Meeting Day on October 1-2, 2019. The event will offer the opportunities for African services companies to make such deals with regional and international partners and drive global transformations within the oil services industry.


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