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We're proud to announce our new series of webinars, hosted by Centurion attorneys and open to the general public. Our lawyers in Ghana, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritius and South Africa are working on transactions and cases all over Africa. The New Horizons webinar series gives them a chance to share ..
Jue, Feb 23, 2017
Source: Centurion Law Group
The Republic of Equatorial Guinea achieved a high level of protection against malaria in clinical trials, according to the report “Sterile protections against human malaria in chemoattenuated PfSPZ vaccine” recently published in Nature.The malaria vaccine, produced by Sanaria and tested in partnership with the Government of Equatorial Guinea, was found ..
Mie, Feb 22, 2017
Source: Equatorial Guinea News
The Africa Energy Frontiers series profiles Africa's up-and-coming oil and gas nations. In 2015 and 2016 we published overviews of petroleum legislation, recent activities, major projects and tax considerations in 15 African jurisdictions, from South Sudan to South Africa. Now, we look at São Tomé and Príncipe. Download the full report ..
Mar, Feb 14, 2017
Source: Centurion Law Group
Mujer Ideal cumple con todas las expectativas de su Organización y culmina su edición 2017 con éxito de participantes y de asistentes. Bajo el lema: todas las mujeres son ideales y merecen reconocimiento, Lucas Escalada y todo su equipo consiguieron que la semana del 25 al 30 de enero se ..
Mar, Feb 07, 2017
Source: Mujer IDeal
The six countries of CEMAC share a common system of business law, but not all of them centralize procedures for company creation under a single agency. Here, Centurion reviews the procedures for setting up a business in Central Africa. By Carine Foe, Associate Attorney at Centurion Law Group's Douala office The Economic ..
Mar, Ene 31, 2017
Source: Centurion Law Group
Afrika erlebt derzeit eine Revolution – und braucht hierzu Deutschlands Hilfe. von NJ Ayuk, CEO, Centurion Law Group Jedoch benötigt Afrika keine deutschen Streitkräfte oder europäische Friedenstruppen. Es bedarf deutscher Unternehmen, Investitionen und Wissenstransfer – denn die gegenwärtige afrikanische Revolution ist keineswegs militärischer Art, sondern ein Engagement in Richtung mehr Bildung und ..
Lun, Ene 30, 2017
Source: Centurion Law Group

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