Centurion Law

Centurion Law

Centurion Law Group is a pan- corporate law conglomerate. Operating at the cutting edge of business practices today, Centurion stands ready to provide outsourced legal representation and a full suite of legal services to new, expanding and established corporations.

From our headquarters in , Equatorial Guinea, and from our affiliate and offices throughout , we specialise in assisting clients that are starting or growing a business on the continent. We navigate the regulatory environments of Africa’s different legal jurisdictions to make sure that you do business efficiently and successfully.

Contact Information

Centurion Law

K-3, Carretera de Aeropuerto.
Malabo, Bioko Norte.
Equatorial Guinea

Tel: +240-222-781-613 / +1-647-308-6325
Email : info@centurionlawfirm.com , nj.ayuk@centurionlawfirm.com
Equatorial Guinea Email : eg@centurionlawfirm.com

A37 Katherine and West 114 West St. 3rd Floor.
South Africa

International Emails:

Gabon: gabon@centurionlawfirm.com
Cameroon: cameroon@centurionlawfirm.com
Chad: chad@centurionlawfirm.com
South Sudan: southsudan@centurionlawfirm.com
South Africa: southafrica@centurionlawfirm.com
: ghana@centurionlawfirm.com
Dubai: dubai@centurionlawfirm.com
Toronto: toronto@centurionlawfirm.com

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