The best economic interviews about Equatorial Guinea

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    CCEI BANK: Reinventing the financial system of Equatorial Guinea
    Alberto Doria Lajay : General Manager of CCEI Bank.

    CCEI Bank is a strong financial institution that keeps betting on in order to facilitate bureaucracy for investors

    Public-private projects bring out the best in EG's resources
    Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima : Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons.

    Equatorial Guinea's Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima discusses the country's role in Africa, its stronger relations with foreign partners and the huge opportunities in its underground wealth, as well as sharing his views on the future of fracking and collaborating with the transparency initiative EITI.

    Private companies tap into potential future hub for gas transformation
    Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo : CEO of Sonagas.

    Juan Antonio Ndong Ondo, CEO of the Sociedad Nacional del Gas de la República de (Sonagas), shares his vision of developing the natural gas industry in Equatorial Guinea to make it a gas hub for the region and discusses the major players already there looking to make it happen.

    Progress reshaping Equatorial Guinea
    Martin Crisantos Ebe Mba : Chairman of .

    Senator and Chairman of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea Martin Crisantos Ebe Mba looks at the political, economic, and social changes taking shape in the country in recent years making it “a valued country, admired for its progress and development at all levels” and its positioning as a financial platform for Central Africa and beyond.

    How Alfredo Jones built a top engineering services company in Equatorial Guinea 
    Alfredo Jones : CEO of Alduco.

    In 2002 Alfredo Jones founded Alduco, an Equatorial Guinea-based engineering company providing services to the hydrocarbons sector in West and Central Africa. After studying and working in the UK for a number of years, Jones returned to the continent in 2001 to take advantage of opportunities in Equatorial Guinea's nascent oil industry.

    Airline sees opportunities in Central Africa's oil and gas industry, despite low crude prices
    Rene Janata, managing director of Punto Azul.

    Central Africa's aviation industry holds untapped opportunities to better serve the business community, especially those employed by the oil and gas industry needing to travel around in this hydrocarbon-rich region.

    Airline's rise contributes to development take-off
    Andreas Kaïafas : CEO of -based Cronos Airlines.

    Andreas Kaïafas, CEO of Malabo-based Cronos Airlines, discusses Equatorial Guinea's development as a role model for other African countries, its strengthening foreign relations, and the rapid rise of his company helping its socioeconomic development in just a few years by generating local employment and focusing on reliability, safety and punctuality.

    Central Africa offers growth potential for airline industry, but challenges remain
    Daniel Serrano, general manager for Equatorial Guinea at German airline Lufthansa.

    There are definitely a lot of opportunities. The region's aviation industry is still underdeveloped. We've yet to find an airline that can truly say that it has connected the whole continent. It's still easier to fly to many African countries from countries outside of Africa than it is to fly between African countries.

    American entrepreneur's journey from finance to running an ICT company in Africa
    Paul Jones, CEO of IPXEG.

    When American-born Paul Jones flew to the Central African country of Gabon a decade ago, he didn't know the trip would lead to him running a telecommunications company in Equatorial Guinea

    Online retail in Equatorial Guinea: Entrepreneur shares her experiences
    Consuelo Dougan Chaffer, EG Galleria.

    Professionals in Equatorial Guinea's capital Malabo now have the option to get their groceries delivered straight to the office through e-commerce platform EG Galleria.