Equatorial Guinea in Expo Milano 2015

Guinea Ecuatorial en la Expo Milan 2015
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The Republic of Equatorial Guinea has chosen the theme of “Balanced Nutrition and Sustainable Nature for Development” for its participation in Expo Milano 2015.

During the six months of the Exposition the country is ensuring that visitors learn about its rich culinary culture consisting of local vegetables and tubers such as plantains, peanuts, taro, sweet potatoes, cocoa and palm oil along with the preparation of fresh local seafood.

Equatorial Guinea shows to the world the sustainability of its best practices that its farmers have followed for centuries. In addition, the country presents to visitors the innovative technologies needed to preserve the biodiversity of its landscape, consisting of pristine valleys, forests, seascapes and populated by rare species of animals. During the course of the Expostion, the country's Pavilion is placing a particular emphasis the fundamental role of women in Equatorial Guinea in the preparation of food and manufactured goods along with its commitment to the passing down of traditional knowledge to new generations.

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