Inspirational Woman of the Year – SUSANA EDJANG

is an international development, global health and policy expert. She currently works for the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), at his Economic, Social and Development Unit. At the UN, Susana’s roles have focused on galvanizing action towards the health-related MDGs as H4+ Coordinator and as Project Manager of the Secretary-General’s signature movement Every Woman Every Child. Susana co-founded the Zambia-UK Health Workforce Alliance; was Parliamentary Advisor on global health and climate change at the UK Parliament; and promoted partnerships, for mutual benefit, between UK health institutions and their counterparts in and Asia at the THET. Susana is on the Governing Council of 2.0, a pan-African network of emerging leaders, leading on health; a member of the council of the Royal African Society; and a 2014 Yale World Fellow.

Originally from , Susana is a trained physiotherapist, Development Economist (BSc, 1st class; MSc) from the School of Oriental & African Studies in London. Susana is co-author of Working in International Health (OUP 2010) and a contributor to African Health Leaders: making change and claiming the future (OUP 2014). She hopes to use her experience to work in in the near future.

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