The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2011

The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2011
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Equatorial Guinea has long suffered from negative media attention from global organisations critical of human rights development in this small, West African nation. While enduring these growing pains, Equatorial Guinea has fast-tracked its development plan through the discovery and maximisation of its hydrocarbons resources.

Over the past two decades, this sole Spanish speaking country on the African continent has partnered with major international oil companies to develop oil and resources from its offshore Zafiro, Alba and Ceiba fields. These resources have accelerated growth, making Equatorial Guinea the third-largest exporter of hydrocarbons in Africa and the country with the highest GDP per capita on the continent.

The country's leadership has engaged in a gas monetisation programme aimed at maximising total value from the nation's natural gas resources and is spinning the revenues into its Horizon 2020 Vision for faster development of infrastructure, education, human resources and social programmes.

The Year Equatorial Guinea 2011 is our first book published in West Africa and showcases the long-term, sustainable agenda of the country's governing leaders. While bringing together statistical, illustrative and historical information, The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2011 focuses on the country's upstream exploration and production industry and future plans for additional projects, including a second LNG train and a refinery, which will provide all domestic consumption needs.

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