The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2013

The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2013

’s reputation as a safe, stable and economically prosperous nation has long drawn and firms keen to capitalise on its vast resources. The government is currently investing in industrialisation and development programmes such Horizon 2020 and the Industrialisation Plan 2020 as a way to further strengthen the country’s social and foundations.

Although discoveries in the Aseng and Alen fields by US firm Noble Energy have helped to offset decline in the Zafiro field, country-wide production has continued to wane since 2005. In order to stop this trend from continuing, Equatorial Guinea is embarking on its largest-ever licensing round, which will offer excellent for exploration and production firms.

The Year Equatorial Guinea is a who’s who of the industry leaders and a detailed guide to investment opportunities in an up-and-coming nation where a growing appetite for investment is driving real reform

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