Equatorial Guinea Travel: Tourist information and Guide on Equatorial Guinea

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Equatorial Guinea Travel_Tourist information_2015Equatorial Guinea tourism adventure. Equatorial Guinea is a squarish country on the Atlantic coast, situated between Cameroon and Gabon. It's got that bustling African tropics feel, has some stylish Spanish architectural influences and is pretty much in shape with an admiration by tourist community. The mainland constitutes most of the land area, but the island of Bioko boasts some delightful attractions. The island's volcanic landscape makes for a beautiful backdrop, as well as excellent hiking opportunities. The biggest town, , affords an energetic nightlife – there's just something about the combination of tropical weather, African culture and Spanish flavours that makes for a great night. The mainland (known also as Rio Muni) has less stunning features, but has all the good beaches, as well as a large wildlife population.
For those who relish new experiences, Equatorial Guinea offers a true adventure. On Bioko Island you will find volcanic views, rainforests full of endangered primates and shores of nesting sea turtles. The capital city is Malabo, based in the island region of Bioko. It has retained much of its colonial-era architecture, with historical buildings including the former Palace of the Government, cathedral, City Hall and Casa Verde.
This eBook titled: “Equatorial Guinea Travel” is provided for your Guide and information when touring Equatorial Guinea, you don't need to get lost or frustrated during your tour in any way, and you will have the knowledge of the environment and the places you intend to visit ahead of your visit. Security information is very important when touring a country. Our security information in this book is complete to provide you the security guide, once you abide to the instruction given in the book.
You may need to read and understand the information related to Equatorial Guinea tourism and its content without traveling to Equatorial Guinea in person, you can only achieve this by making this book your tourism informer (presided for Equatorial Guinea tourism), you will not have any information to miss ou


Title Equatorial Guinea Travel: Tourist information and Guide on Equatorial Guinea
Author Anderson Jones, Sampson Jerry
Produced Sony Education
Published Nov, 2015
Price Kindle Edition : $10.46
Buy this book http://www.amazon.com/Equatorial-Guinea-Travel-Tourist-information-ebook/dp/B018KNC7CC/



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