Taleveras & Equatorial Guinea Join Forces To Create Largest Oil Terminal In West Africa

Taleveras & Equatorial Guinea Join Forces To Create Largest Oil Terminal In West Africa

, the leading supplier of crude oil and refined petroleum products in West , signed an agreement with The Ministry of Mines, and of , in on the 20th December 2014, to construct Africa’s largest oil storage terminal. The (BOT) is expected to have a total storage capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters for refined products and crude in the first 2 phases.

The terminal will be built at , located on the Island part of Equatorial Guinea, and will therefore be ideally located to service the key oil supply and demand centres throughout West Africa.

Uniquely positioned to provide global partners with world-class facilities, the will be developed in phases. The first phase will have a 680,000 cubic meters of refined products storage capacity and the primary purpose of the will be to supply international trade of Gasoline, Naphtha, Diesel, Jet A-1, and Fuel Oil. The subsequent phases are to include Crude Oil storage.

Having selected the EPC contractors the next steps for the Bioko Oil Terminal is to conclude and sign the FEED contract in the early 2015, selection of the consortium to build, own and operate the terminal.

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Source : http://taleverasgroup.com/news/taleveras-group-and-government-equatorial-guinea-create-largest-oil-and-refined-products-hub-west-africa/


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