Obiang Emphasizes Importance of Technology Industry in Reaching Horizon 2020 Goals

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The President of the Republic of , H.E. , recently emphasized the importance of technology in order to reach the country's Horizon 2020 Goals at the opening of the academic year at the Higher Institute of Telecommunications, Technology, Information, and Communication.

The President recognized the impact of technology in today's modern world and called for all Equatorial Guineans to embrace and learn from new technological advances in order to further advance the country.

“We have to train our youth if we want to reach the level of other countries,” said the President, recognizing that the Institute will educate Equatorial Guineans to make up the gap in available technology professionals in the country.

The Minister for Telecommunications and New Technologies, Maximiliano Meko Abeme, reaffirmed the President's vision of technology in Equatorial Guinea, and highlighted the increased efficiencies, new employment opportunities, and development brought about by investing in the industry.

The Institute will educate 60 students in technology and communications during the course of the academic year.

Source : Equatorial Guinea News

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